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i-screen was annouced in Vietnam (Asian-Pacific Aquaculture)

i-screen was annouced in Vietnam (Asian-Pacific Aquaculture)

The “Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2007” was held during 5-8 August 2007 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Except people in Vietnam, attendees of this event came from almost every main or rapid-growing aquatic production countries all over the world, such as Malaysia, Thailand, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia.   GeneReach Biotech. Corp. also attended the international event and launched i-screen in the trade show.

All visitors who came to our booth showed their appreciation of the novelty of i-screenand understood the sensitive, convenient, affordable and easy-operating shrimp virus detection system could help everyone in this industry achieve sustainable success. Some of them were also highly interested in being the representatives of i-screen in Vietnam as it can be worked in accordance with their animal health care products.

In order to fulfill all requirements for the integrity of i-screen, further demonstrations or workshops will be held for potential distributors and customers recently.


Fig1. Our general agent in China, Benny Chung, introduced i-screen to the attendees in front of our booth.

Fig2. Crowds were attracted by the novelty of i-screen

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