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Q&A: I have to do the WSSV and TSV detection in my daily life

Q: I have to do the WSSV and TSV detection in my daily life. Is it possible that I can make it simultaneously? I don’t want to spend my time on sitting and waiting for the results.

From now on, you can save time for multi-viruses detection by taking up the “Uni-IQ RT-PCR profile”.  

With the aim of improving the convenience of viral detection, we started a project to modify the formula of IQ2000TM series products and make them fit into Uni-IQ profile since year 2006.  By applying the Uni-IQ profile, you can carry out PCR reactions for multiple viral targets simultaneously.  That means, in your case, you can prepare the PCR reaction premix separately with IQ2000TM TSV and WSSV kit after nucleic acid extraction, then perform the PCR reaction in the same thermal cycler at the same time. You don’t have to run the PCR in 2 batches and waste lots of time waiting for the results anymore!!

Please see the following list for kits ready with Uni-IQ RT-PR profile.

For Shrimp:

   DNA virus: WSSV, NHPB

   RNA virus: TSV, IMNV, YHV/GAV, MoV

For Fish:

   DNA virus: Irido

   RNA virus: VNN

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