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i-screen Demonstration in India

i-screen Demonstration in India

Following by the exhibition held in China, Marketing director, Mr. Simon Chung and Product Manager, Mr. Howard Chien have demonstrated i-screen to farmers in several main shrimp farming areas in India with our distributor Padmanabha Labs, Dr. D. Ramraj.

The successful demos were done by inviting farmers who volunteer to experience how simple i-screen is. The attendees were satisfied with the tests results on ethanol preserved and fresh samples such as PLs and shrimps. They were also impressed by our achievement on moving PCR from bench to pond side.

i-screen is on the cutting edge of shrimp virus diagnosis! It offers farmers the most sensitive detection tool just like nested PCR to help them to prevent WSSV infection from vertical and horizontal transmission pathways. The first hand and real time virus information from using i-screen will ensure a better bio-security in shrimp farms.


Fig1. i-screen is demonstrated in several main shrimp farming areas in India





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