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A More Suitable Specimen - “Broodstock’s Exopod” For IQ2000TM WSSV Detection and Prevention System

 A More Suitable Specimen - “Broodstock’s Exopod” For IQ2000TM WSSV Detection and Prevention System

In order to prevent vertical transmission, perform brooders’ virus detection tests with IQ2000TM kits after spawning is highly recommended. In practice, select a proper tissue part for detection is crucial to obtain its accuracy; meanwhile, the harm for brooders should be minimized. Taking pleopod as specimen for detection can cause brooders’ injury and even leads to death sometimes. Gill is another option but it requires 2 well trained technicians to accomplish its sampling. After a series of in-house tests, we came to a conclusion that exopod (the distal part of pleopod) is an ideal shrimp tissue for WSSV detection. It gives accurate results and does not do any serious harm to brooders. One piece of exopod at the point close to the joint of protopod will be sufficient for extraction. To complete a full test, you may continue the steps from the extraction section in the manual of IQ2000TM WSSV Detection and Prevention System.



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