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i-screen annouced in 3rd Southeast Asia(Guangxi)International Aquaculture & Animal Husbandry Expo

i-screen annouced in 3rd Southeast Asia(GuangxiInternational Aquaculture & Animal Husbandry Expo

The 3rd Southeast AsiaGuangxiInternational Aquaculture & Animal Husbandry Expo was held in Guangxi Exhibition Hall in Nanning, China, in 16-18 March, 2007. There were hundreds of professional enterprises attending this exposition. Most of them were domestic companies, though some were from other south-east Asia countries. The wide varieties of this exhibition had attracted visitors all over the world.

i-screen had drawn the attention of the shrimp farming related industries in the exhibition. Visitors all understood that this sensitive, convenient and easy-operatingshrimp virus detection system could help them achieve sustainable success. Some of them were highly interested in being the representative of i-screen. Even visitors from animal husbandry industries also showed interests in applying this virus detection platform to their industry.

This was the first time for i-screen to be presented in an international exposition in China and the responses to the newly-released i-screen were very inspiring. It reveals themajor obstacle to the shrimp farming industry, viral diseases, needs to be cleared urgently. Hence, i-screenis definitely the best choice to meet all the farmers’ needs.

If you would like to know more about i-screen, please visit its official website for details.

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