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IQ Plus was launched in FITA 2011

IQ Plus is a latest aquatic pathogen PCR detection platform which is provided by GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation. It has been presented by PT Kinglab Indonesia at FITA Exhibition 2011 in Indonesia.

IQ Plus system using an innovative technology- insulated isothermal PCR(iiPCR) to perform the pond site PCR detection of aquatic pathogen within one hour. This new technology is the unique commercial product which can satisfied the demand of the aqauculture pathogen detection in the market. The advantages of IQ Plus system is just like it’s product name: I- Inexpensive, Q- Quick, P- Pond side, L- Latest technology, U- Unique, S- Sensitive as OIE certified method(IQ2000).

For more information please visit IQ Plus Product website.  


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