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IQ Plus Officially Launch in November, 2011.

Molecular diagnosis has been commonly employed in the aquaculture industry for disease diagnosis and prevention. Its high sensitivity and specificity help the industry to detect the viruses in a short time. But building up a PCR lab is expensive and technician required. This makes disease management expensive and tedious for small scale farmers. The PCR laboratory became a disease management tool that only can be operated by large farms.


GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation, is focused on R&D on viral diagnosis associated with penaeid shrimps and marine fish. Since 1997, it has developed several detection systems for white spot syndrome virus. The IQ2000TM was the first commercial kit available for early diagnosis of the disease in shrimp and its carriers. This became the method adopted for a routine detection of diseases in commercial shrimp farms. Recently, we introduced IQ Plus system.  This new aquaculture diagnostic platform is composed of IQ Plus extraction kit and IQ Plus reaction kit


IQ Plus system using an innovative technology – insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) to detect aquatic pathogens. This new technology can be completed within 1 hour by using a compact and portable system. The extraction procedure has been simplified to an easy way for everyone can easily perform the assay. IQ Plus system would be a useful tool for aquaculture pathogen detection and prevention anytime anywhere.


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