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A Brand New Facility for GeneReach

GeneReach has finally had its own home!

GeneReach has been rented its factory site since settling down in central Taiwan-Taichung in 2002. The idea of having a spacious and more comfortable location for the whole family in GeneReach rooted ever since moving into Taichung.

After coming through a great deal of strict terms and conditions set by the government, GeneReach has been finally permitted to build a new facility in Central Science Park which only granted to those companies that posses not only unique but also the leading technology in Taiwan and all over the world.

The new facility has one main building for offices of each department and another smaller building for keeping live fish and shrimps for experiment purpose. Staffs are offered picturesque working environment and several leisure activities off-work, such as basketball, volleyball, aerobic... etc. With a fairly balance of working and relaxing facility, every member in the big family of GeneReach will definitely generate excellent working performance. The result of such performance will surely bring a great benefit to our customers and IQ2000 users.

We sincerely welcome you to visit us at any time!

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