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TSV is right on the cornor!!

After the i-screen WSSV kit being successfully announced worldwide in January this year, the same platform has also been applied to the detection of the other notorious RNA virus, Taura Syndrome Virus, TSV. Because of the entirely different characteristics of DNA and RNA, the development of i-screen TSV kit took us longer to optimize the reaction conditions and operation procedures.  Dr. Ping-Hua Teng, the director of our Research and Development department, also published two relative scientific publications in the journal “Diseases of Aquatic Organisms” (DAO. vol. 73, p13-22. 2006) and “Journal of Virological Methods” (in press.).
As the large-scaled field tests in China were concluded with convincing results, we have confidence in the performance of i-screen TSV kit.  It takes more time to finalize the packing issues and all related paperwork. However, launching the new product- i-screen TSV kit in January, 2008 is already the anticipative goal of Farming IntelliGene.  From then on, farmers will have their own tools to enhance bio-security in the farming systems.
1. Teng, Ping-Hua, Chu-Liang Chen, Cheng-Nan Wu, Sih-Ying Wu, Bo-Rong Ou, Pei-Yu Lee. Rapid and sensitive detection of Taura syndrome virus using nucleic acid-based amplification. DAO, vol. 73: 13-22, 2006
2. Teng, Ping-Hua, Chu-Liang Chen, Ping-Feng Sung, Fu-Chen Lee, Bor-Rung Ou, Pei-Yu Lee. J. Specific detection of reverse transcription-loop-mediated isothermal amplification amplicons for Taura syndrome virus by colorimetric dot-blot hybridization.  Virol. Methods (2007), doi:10.1016/ j.jviromet.2007.07.027

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