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i-screen is launched in the Philippines

i-screen was launched in the 6th Philippine Shrimp Congress during May 26th to 30thin Bacolod city, the Philippines. Our partner is Bayer Philippines Inc.. A bio-security solution called “Triple Protection” was shown at Bayer’s booth beside i-screen booth. With the combination, the value of i-screen is highly appreciated by the visitors and all the shrimp farming industries of the Philippines.

After some demonstrations were organized and done at SEAFDEC at Iloilo and few growers and hatcheries, feedbacks are summarized as follows,

1.       Shrimp growers can get the virus information at the soonest and make the best arrangement toward the infected ponds.

2.      Hatcheries can distinguish the WSSV free P. monodon spawner or broodstock and have better management on the costs and quality of the mother shrimp.

3.       It is useful and economical for government to build more monitoring and screening centers in remote shrimp farming areas. It also means the bio-security could be extended from PCR lab to pond sides.

Generally, the concept and product of i-screen impressed on most attendees of the Shrimp Congress. The best service of i-screen will be provided by Bayer Philippines and GeneReach.

Fig1. Howard shows i-screen at the booth

Fig2. Bayer Philippines and GeneReach team

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