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Founded in 1993 as a supplier of viral and genetic diagnosis products. Since 1995, we have focused our R&D on viral diagnosis associated with aquaculture species, especially penaeid shrimps and salt water fishes.
Our IQ2000TM WSSV Detection and Prevention System, the shrimp WSSV detection system utilizing modern biotechnology, was launched in August 1997 with assistance from Dr. Guang-Hsiung Kou and Dr. Chu-Fang Lo of National Taiwan University, Department of Zoology. IQ2000TM is the first commercial kit available for early diagnosis of WSSV infection on shrimp and most carriers of WSSV. After several years field test on more than 50 selected shrimp farms, hatcheries and research institutes, this system has proven to be very effective in WSSV detection and prevention. Many commercial shrimp farms have adopted IQ2000 as their routine diagnosis procedure.
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